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Jindalee – Brisbane
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Are you tired of tripping over extension cords and power boards? Trusted Energy Solutions can install new power points in strategic locations throughout your property, so you never have to worry about power again.

Ceiling Fans Electricians Everton Hills
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Ceiling Fans

Are you looking for a way to keep your house cool without breaking the bank? Ceiling fans are an easy and inexpensive way to stay cool. We supply and install a wide selection of ceiling fans to fit any room or budget

Lighting Staircase Electricians Everton Hills
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Lighting Staircase

The staircase in your home is the primary connection between your spaces downstairs and your bedrooms upstairs. This means that this area sees a huge amount of foot traffic throughout the day. Whether it’s for your own family or to impress your guests, the right decorative and functional lighting can make a huge difference in your staircase.

Lighting upgrade Jindalee, Brisbane Electricians
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Jindalee – Brisbane – Lighting upgrade

What a statement piece over the dinner table! We can assist you with advice on a full lighting upgrade to your property. Contact us today!

Pool table light Services Brisbane
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Upper Kedron – Brisbane – Pool table light

Gone are the days of outdated pool table light fittings that collect endless amounts of dust! We installed this sleek LED tri coloured pendant over this customers pool table. The end result looked spectacular & photos don’t do it justice! Goodbye dust & hello sleek energy efficient lighting!

Outdoor ceiling fan installation Brisbane
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Greenslopes – Brisbane – Outdoor ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fans can really transform your outdoor entertaining area and provide you & your guests a much more comforting time when hosting parties in our QLD weather! We ensured outdoor rated fans were installed with a 7 year warranty. Contact us today for more information!

Power Circuit Installed Brisbane
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Greenslopes – Brisbane – Switchboard upgrade & additional power circuit installed.

This property only one power circuit to this property. Can you imagine all your kitchen appliances, laundry, AC, TV’s all running on the one circuit! This poses a big safety concern. Trusted Energy Solutions conducted a full switchboard upgrade & added an additional power circuit to this property. Great result & very satisfied customer.

Residential re-wire Brisbane
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Upper Kedron – Brisbane – Residential re-wire

Trusted Energy Solutions have been engaged to undertake a full rewire, & switchboard upgrade of a property we inspected to be in a very unsafe state. We can complete a full electrical condition report of your property for $150 inc GST. If you have concerns about your property, contact us today.

LED Downlight installation Brisbane
  • By Admin

Keperra – Brisbane – LED Downlight installation

Downlights can change the ambience of your room drastically! With the installation of LED tri-coloured downlights & dimmer switches, this installation provided a completely new atmosphere. Contact us today if you would like to upgrade your old light fittings to LED downlights, we have many solutions for you!

power outage Brisbane
  • By Admin

Keperra – Brisbane - Gecko causing power outage!

We were called out at midnight for a report of a power outage to a residential property & an RCD not turning back on. After some late night fault finding, we found this poor gecko inside the main switchboard which had caused the RCD to short circuit & fail. Not a worry, we replaced the RCD, tested the installation & power back up & running in 45 minutes!

Solar inverter Brisbane
  • By Admin

Pullenvale – Brisbane – Solar inverter in fault

This customer reached out to Trusted Energy Solutions as their solar inverter was in fault. A full solar health check was conducted & electrical test, confirming the inverter was in fault. This inverter was still under a manufacturer’s warranty and we arranged a full report for a new replacement inverter & no extra cost to the customer!

Laundry Renovation Brisbane
  • By Admin

Bridgeman Downs – Brisbane – Laundry Renovation.

Are you looking to undertake a laundry or bathroom renovation? Trusted Energy Solutions can complete all your electrical requirements for your renovations. This one includes a power-point inside a cupboard for vacuum cleaner charging station, benchtop power point & a power point in the cupboard for the washing machine/dryer connections. Contact us today for your next project!

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